Cabilao Island Fallen Tree

What’s hiding in Cabilao’s Bubble Corals !!!!

It’s our incredible Bubble Coral Shrimp

(Vir philippinensis)

Bubble Coral Shrimp uniquely these fantastic little guys and girls can only be found on Bubble corals of genus Plerogyra or Physogyra.

Bubble coral shrimp are widespread are in the Indo-pacific.  And they were first recorded in 1984 just across the waters of Cabilao on the island of Cebu. Thus leading to its name Vir Philippinensis.

These little coral critters are sometimes also called Crustaceans, Carid Shrimps, Commensal Shrimps, Bubble Anemone Shrimp, Philippine Shrimp.

Bubble coral shrimp are transparent with the thin purple line on legs. So this makes them a very sexy looking crustacean. They can be hard to see as they only grow to a length of 1.5cm it’s often the dark red antennae sticking out of the coral that catches the eye, allowing the shrimp to be spotted.

Bubble Coral Shrimp often live in pairs in one protected corner of the coral and are great for all level of divers and snorkelers with a keen eye to find as they can be found here at a depth ranging from 30 meters to a surprisingly shallow 3 meters only.

Here at La Estrella Beach Resort and Cabilao Dive Center, we cater for quality to you, not the crowds. So we look forward to taking around the underwater world of Cabilao Island in 2018.

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