Our mission is to offer our guests unrivaled nature experience at La Estrella.

La Estrella is located on the small island of Cabilao, directly on the beach facing Cebu Island. We offer our guests the experience of being one with nature. Aside from scuba diving, we also provide a quiet and relaxing experience. La Estrella is a great place to escape from the crowd.

The Restaurant

Babie’s (the owner) many years of work experience in the restaurant industry in Germany, coupled with her travels around the world contribute to the variety and versatility of her menu.

Her good food, be it the well-spiced curry dishes, the al dente Spaghetti, vegetables cooked in coconut milk and served in a clay pot, her seafood basket, the vegetarian meat (gluten from flour) and a variety of international meat dishes will only make you want to wait for meal times.

Rooms & Accommodations

Our rooms are equipped with traditional local furniture and all have an air condition and electric fan to cool the rooms on hot days. Furthermore every bungalow has its own spacious en suite bathroom with hot shower and an airy terrace.


The journey is easy!

There are multiple ways to get to La Estrella. If you are coming from outside the Philippines, chances are you’re arriving in Cebu City or Manila.

If you’re arriving, you can always take a flight to Tagbilaran City. The major airlines here in the Philippines, namely; Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and Air Asia have flights from Manila to Tagbilaran City and vice versa.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since La Estrella is located on an island, all travels across are subject to weather conditions. Bad weather prevents us from crossing to and from the mainland.

We can arrange all transfers!

Our taxi service will gladly pick you up from Cebu airport, and drive you on a 2-hour trip to Argao, Cebu, where our boatman awaits you for another 1-hour boat trip to La Estrella Beach Resort, Cabilao Island.

We can also pick you up from Tagbilaran Airport or Pier. The travel time from Tagbilaran to Loon is about an hour. Our boatman will wait for you at Sandingan port and then another hour boat trip to La Estrella Beach Resort, Cabilao Island.

If you want to get here on your own.

If you want to get there on your own, here is how you do it:

By Bus (Cebu-City to Argao)
From the Southern Bus Terminal in Cebu city, take a bus that will drop you at Looc, Argao. Where on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 12PM and 3PM about three public boats will take you direct to Cabilao Island, but unfortunately not directly to the beach.

By Ferry (Cebu to Bohol)
From Cebu via Bohol, take the fast craft Super Cat or Ocean Jet bound for Tagbilaran City. Take a taxi for up to 4 persons to Mocpoc, Sandingan and with a special boat ride to La Estrella.

The cheapest but longer way – from Tagbilaran to La Estrella
Jeep from Cogon market, in Tagbilaran to Mocpoc, Sandingan, Loon, and a regular boat to Talisay, Cabilao. From there take a tricycle to La Estrella. Or you may take a pleasant 1-hour walk to the resort.

All these trips will take about one day.