La Estrella Beach Resort has its own dive shop, The Cabilao Dive Center, where it rents-out equipment, and can provide compressed air refills for scuba-divers, and even snorkeling off the beach is very rewarding.

The dive shop has more than 10 complete sets of equipment to rent, 2 Bauer compressors and more than 40 12l tanks. There is a big outrigger boat and a speedboat with outboard engine. We offer all PADI Courses. Several dive guides with years of experience are always prepared to offer the top experience to our guests.

The House Reef

One of our best dive sites, located directly in front of the La Estrella, can be dived either from our boat or the shore.

On the left side is a fish sanctuary.

Our House Reef starts as a sheer, 1000 m long, wall (Gorgonia Wall), that transforms into a plateau (Shark View Point) which finally becomes a slope (Ligthouse).

Gorgonia Wall

This wall starts at a depth of about 5m and drops off to about 60m. The wall runs parallel to the shore. It offers a multitude of little caves and overhangs to explore and is completely covered with different corals, of which the most impressive ones are the giant fan corals.
Here, you will find reef fish of all kinds, Frogfish, and shoals of Jack and Bannerfish. From time to time, you will find a Napoleon patrol the reef and between the corals on the ground, you can also find Pigmy and other seahorses, Ghost pipefishes and a multitude of nudibranchs.
The variety of life on this reef even amazes seasoned divers!

You can even dive to this part of the reef anytime regardless of the weather. But certain dives need to be carefully planned because of the currents which vary a lot, sometimes making for excellent drift dives. At other times there is no current at all.

Diving along this reef is much better during early morning. But you will also appreciate the beauty of this reef during the afternoon and at night time.

Shark Point

Following the wall, you will come to this 30 m deep plateau. As it is located on the corner of the reef, you will normally find a healthy current here, making it possible to spot some of the bigger pelagics like Whitetip, Blacktip, Thresher or Hammerhead sharks, along with shoals of big barracudas.The sandy bottom is full of soft coral. Sand eels and garden eels also love this substrate.

Chapel Point

(10 minute boat ride from the Cabilao Dive Center)
This is where the house reef extends past the fish sanctuary. A multitude of various reef fish can be found, and on this point is where you can see a lot of Pygmy seahorse. Amazing hard-corals, especially table corals are located on this point. Likewise, Caves and overhangs can also be seen here.


Here you will find a wide slope with sandy bottom and a seagrass meadow, with some coral formations. This dive site slopes down from the shore to a depth of about 20m. This is one of the best muck diving spots Cabilao has to offer. In this area, photographers and divers will find a wide variety of life: Seasnakes, Crocodile snake eels, Devilfish, Stonefish, Leaf fish, Harlequin shrimps, Stargazers seagrass- and Harlequin ghost pipefish, Seamoths, Mantis shrimps and an astonishing variety of of nudibranchs. Occasionally, Eagle rays, Turtles, Octopi and File clams can be spotted.

This site makes for an easy shore dive and is also appropriate for beginners. You will find perfect conditions for this dive during high tide, when the slope is at the lee of the current. Do not miss night dive on this site!You will be amaze!


(15 minute boat ride from the Cabilao Dive Center)
This dive site is located on the southern tip of the island and exposed to strong currents. Spectacular hard coral growth between 5-12m depth. These hard corals are ancient and until now in pristine condition and undamaged. A good occasion to observe the different species in their competition for light and space and the resulting reef structure. Of course you can also find all the usual reef fish here along with big shoals of Jackfish.

This site can be dived at all weather, it is a good place for beginners. Afternoon is the best time to dive on this site especially when the sun is directly above the reef.

Dive - Cabilao Island, Bohol, Philippines | La Estrella Resort

Guided dive packages price do not include equipment rental if not on a course. Supplements are shown and are additonal to be added to the dive cost. If you have any questions or want to know a price for an item that isn’t listed, then please contact us at

Single Dives Php 1,550 / dive
6 or more boat dives Php 1,470 / dive
12 or more boat dives Php 1,400 / dive
20 or more boat dives Php 1,300 / dive
Private guide per dive Php 400
Refresh with Instructor Php 600
Night Dive Php 200
Night Dive with torch Php 250
Enriched Air/Nitrox Php 220
6 – 10 or more Fills Php 200
10 or more fills Php 150
Rental Equipment
Full Set of Equipment Php 400 / dive
Full Set of Equipment Php 600 / day
Regulator Php 250 / day
BCD Php 200 / day
Suit Php 150 / day
Snorkeling Equipment Php 200 / day
Fins and boots Php 150 / day
Dive Computer Php 500 / day

Below you can find our Price List, showing prices for all of our courses, materials are NOT included and can be purchased upon request. If you have any questions or want to know a price for an item that isn’t listed, then please contact us at

PADI Courses No. of Dives Duration
Discover Scuba Diving 10 + 1 1 day Php 3,250
Follow Up DSD dives 1 1/2 Day Php 1,700
Bubblemaker (8-10 years old) 1 1/2 Day Php 3,250
PADI Scuba Diver Course 3CW, 2 OW 2/3 Days Php 12,500
PADI SDC Upgrade to OW 2CW, 2 OW 2/3 Days Php 11,000
PADI Open Water Diver Course 5CW, 4 OW 4/5 Days Php 16,750
PADI Adventure Dive 1 Dive 1/2 day Php 2,750
PADI Adventure Diver Certification 3 Dives 2 days Php 6,825
PADI Advanced Open Water 30M 5 Dives 3/4 days Php 13,750
PADI Rescue Diver CW, 2 OW 3/4 Days Php 16,250
**PADI Divemaster
(Does not include Padi Materials or Fees)
60 hours min 60 hours min Php 39,000
EFR 1 Day Dry Php 7,000
PADI Replacement card/PIC on Line Php 2,220
How about taking your diver training to the next level with one of our PADI Speciality Courses? We run a wide range of courses so whether your interest is in deeper diving, perfecting your buoyancy skills, learning more about our wonderful marine environment, taking amazing underwater photos or a whole range of other options, we feel sure we have a course for you.

Speciality Courses No. of Dives Duration
PADI Resfresher Course Theory/1 dive 1 Day Php 1,850
PADI AWARE Fish ID 2 Dives 1 Day Php 7,720
PADI Deep Diver Course 4 Dives 2/3 Days Php 13,220
PADI Enriched Air Course Php 7,000
PADI Enriched Air Course with 2 dives Php 10,400
PADI Fish Idenfication 2 Dives 1 Day Php 7,720
PADI Night Diver 3 Dives 3 Days Php 10,770
PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy 2 Dives 1 Day Php 7,720
PADI Search and Recovery 4 Dives 2 Days Php 13,220
PADI Underwater Navigation 3 Dives 2 Days Php 10,470
PADI Underwater Digital Photography Course (excluding camera hire) 2 Dives 2 Days Php 10,470
Other on Request  —