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Welcome to La Estrella Beach Resort and Cabilao Dive Center

Treat yourself to a little piece of our Paradise……..

Take advantage of this dream hideaway!

At La Estrella Beach Resort and Cabilao Dive Center where the Sandy beaches lined with coconut palm trees and crystal clear waters. This is why it makes an ideal location for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The island of Cabilao has no road connections to the mainland of Bohol so coming on to the island is like taking a step back in time to how life used to be. Then you can forget about the hustle and bustle of modern day life for a few days or weeks.

Here at La Estrella Beach Resort, we offer different styles of rooms that are all designed by the owner Estrella. Spread out amid the natural gardens and small lake they are spacious, comfortably designed for you to feel at home with nature. So you can relax and appreciate the exotic plants, birds and other wildlife that live around the resort.  Set at the front of the resort is our Restaurant/Bar where you can enjoy a meal and cold drink while savoring the tranquil sea views.

La Estrella Beach Resort’s dive center is called “Cabilao Dive Center” where here we cater to you as an individual, not for crowds. As we keep smaller group size for your enjoyment and safety, this also helps to protect the reef system here on Cabilao. The island is home to fantastic healthy coral reef systems that encircle Cabilao, thus creating endless hiding spots for numerous schools of reef fishes, anemones, and curious critters. Which in turn produces an abundance of food for the hunting fish but don’t forget our passing Pelagic friends which we see cruising around.

So join us at La Estrella Beach Resort on this enchanting island of Cabilao


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